Perforated cards 6 sections per page

Perforated paper 6 tickets per page Per. paper 6 tickets of 70x148mm Edge to edge tickets, ideal for voucher sheets and tickets. Choice of 2 sizes.

6 tickets per sheet options

29036, A4 140gsm smooth white laser paper. Tickets 105mm x 99mm, 2 across and 3 down viewed portrait. Come in boxes of 500 sheets.

29007, A4 120gsm smooth white laser paper. Tickets 70mm x 148mm, 3 across and 2 down viewed portrait. These perf. pages comes in boxes of 250 sheets.

Micro-perforation for clean edge separation and superior print handling.

Blank non-sticky tickets and labels.

Suitable for laser and inkjet printers. Suitable for double sided printing.

Micro-Perforated blank white sheets 6 per page
6 labels per page, micro-perforated, 140g light card. 105x99mm
Per Box
Stk.29036. 500 sheets. 6 tickets per sheet. 3000 blank tickets per box. 52.00 52.00 Add to basket
Stk.29036. 1000 sheets. 6 tickets per sheet. 6000 blank tickets. 49.95 99.90 Add to basket
Stk.29036. 2500 sheets. 6 tickets per sheet. 15,000 blank tickets. 45.00 225.00 Add to basket
Micro-Perforated blank white tickets 6 per page
6 tickets per page, micro-perforated, 120g A4. 70x148mm
Per Box
Stk.29007. 250 sheets. 6 tickets per sheet. 1500 blank tickets per box. 70x148mm 29.00 29.00 Add to basket
Stk.29007. 1000 sheets / 6000 blank tickets in 4 boxes. 24.50 98.00 Add to basket
Stk.29007. 2000 sheets / 12,000 blank tickets in 8 boxes. 22.50 180.00 Add to basket

Flat rate £10 carriage on all orders to UK mainland destinations. All prices subject to VAT at 20% for UK orders. Please contact us for other destinations. All prices correct at 23/08/2017.


Ideal for retail and business use: vouchers, ticketing, product and component labeling, product inserts, name badge inserts. Micro-perforation allows a very clean separation of sections.