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A Shetland based secure and reliable support service for your Sage 50 accounts and payroll software, by telephone or Teamviewer remote support. No SageCover? No problem!

For the last 20 years I've been providing Sage support to Shetland businesses. Call me, Kevin Learmonth, on 01595 880503 to outline the support you need, then using TeamViewer, I can remotely connect to your computer and resolve your Sage query. With over 20 years Sage experience, and clients throughout the UK, you can be assured of professional, confidential and effective Sage support, instantly!

Sage support costs

In the first instance, call or email me, to confirm if remote or telephone support is suitable for your Sage problem.

If I can help, then the cost is billed at £6.75 + VAT per 5 minutes, timed from the start of the remote support session.

The full cost will be billed and receipted at the end of the support session.

Sage support services are available during office hours, Monday to Friday, subject to existing workload.

Although based in Shetland, and originally supporting only Shetland based businesses and organisations, my clients are now based all over the UK and Ireland. They range from sole traders using Sage Instant and Accounts Essentials, to international companies with multiple users on large Sage 50 networks.

What can you help me with?

The support we offer covers all aspects of Sage 50 accounts and Payroll, Sage reporting and Sage system use. We help clients amend Sage reports, share reports with colleagues, extract data, setup filters to quickly identify sales, purchase or Sage stock data. Process VAT returns, reconcile bank accounts, allocate credits and payments on account. Process refunds and returns.

Remote support is not a substitute for in-person training, but many of our clients use our remote support services to help new staff become more familiar with key Sage concepts and processes.

How long does it take?

The initial TeamViewer session takes about 1-2 minutes to setup, after that the specific query tends to determine how much time is needed. Most support sessions last between 5 and 10 minutes. Some support queries can be resolved in just a couple of minutes. Detailed report amendments, and especially invoice / statement layouts can take a while, up to 1 hour is not unusual. Our off-site report and layout service may be more suitable for this kind of work.

Secure and reliable

TeamViewer establishes a secure and encrypted connection between your machine and my PC. The program generates a new password each session, so you are always in charge of authorising access to your desktop. You can see everything I do on your machine, and can interact at the same time.

I currently use TeamViewer v14. This can also be used to connect to earlier versions of TeamViewer. The connection method used is secure, and you always need to authoriese each connection session from your end. THis means there is is no mechanism for me to access your computer or network without your explicit authorisation

In over 20 years of Sage use I have never damaged client data or suffered any data or confidentiality breach. I aim to provide a safe, effective and confidential service to all my clients.

All system work is fully documented as notes on paper during your support session. These notes are retained in your client file for a period of 1 year after the support session. No passwords or other confidential information is retained.

More information about TeamViewer security

This page last updated 13/04/2020

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