Potted history

Business Support Solutions (UK) Limited was incorporated in 1999, and trades as Business Support Solutions. The company is based in Shetland, and is run by Kevin Learmonth. The vast majority of customers are located on the UK mainland, and most are in South East England. In fact we have over 2100 customers and continue to gain new customers on a daily basis. On-site work in Shetland is carried out by me, Kevin Learmonth. Elsewhere in the UK on-site work is carried out by local partners or remote access and e-working from here in Shetland.

Our range of perforated paper is held at key distribution centres in England for speed of dispatch (and to avoid scary carriage costs from Shetland!).

What you get

Kevin has over 20 years experience in selling and supporting Sage products, and has been a professional computer trainer since 1992. Before that (in pre-computer days!), a background in graphic design, and a variety of community enterprises initiatives helped to develop a solid body of skills and experiences.

As a small, established, successful company working with organisations such as yours, we hope you find BSS services efficient and value for money. I aim to deliver a range of services that make a real difference to your business. Matching the right software to the right client, coming up with new ideas and perspectives, refreshing and innovative approach to real world business problems. This helps to distinguish BSS from similar companies. I want your organisation to be a success. Through business understanding, IT skills and commitment to the client, IT services from Business Support Solutions can make that difference.



We are very loyal to our customers. We see our business relationship and commitment as something lasting years rather than one sale. Client confidentiality is very important to us, as is providing a prompt and professional service.