24 shelf edge tickets per sheet 58x32mm

24 shelf tickets 28 per sheet Designed for retail and shop shelving. Print your own stock and price tickets with shelf edge price, product description and barcode.

This non-adhesive price card is easily inserted into plastic and channeled shelf edge channels. No more sticky mess on your shelving and display areas. This 120g smooth laser A4 paper is ideal for laser and inkjet printing.

These sheets have a solid page border top and bottom, this is used by compatible EPOS system software to enable you to re-print partially used sheets, widely used on forecourt and convenience store retail outlets.

Each ticket measures 58mm wide by 32mm high. There are 3 tickets across and 8 tickets down, ie. 3x8 grid.

Solid sheet borders: 20mm top and bottom sheet margins, and 18mm left and right sheet margins.

Micro-perforated sheets for shelf edge ticketing and retail price cards
24 perforated tickets per A4 sheet. 120gsm premium weight.
Per Box
29085. 250 sheets. 24 micro-perforated tickets per page. 6,000 blank labels per box. 29.00 29.00 Add to basket
29085. 500 sheets. 24 micro-perforated tickets per page. 12,000 per labels. 27.00 54.00 Add to basket
29085. 1000 sheets / 4 boxes. 24 micro-perforated tickets per page. 24,000 labels. 24.50 98.00 Add to basket
29085. 2000 sheets / 8 boxes. 24 micro-perforated tickets per page. 48,000 labels. 23.00 184.00 Add to basket

Technical specs for A4 perforated paper for shelf edge tickets

Paper: A4 (297 mm x 210 mm). White. 120g paper suitable for laser and inkjet printers.

Blank SEL cards: 24 tickets per sheet, each 58mm x 32mm high. 3 tickets across x 8 down, 3 x 8 layout. There is a 20mm solid margin top and bottom of each A4 sheet. The left and right margins are 18mm on each long side, and are micro-perforated to the edge to allow for easier initial removal of tickets. Comes in boxes of 250 sheets, that's 6000 blank tickets per box.

Flat rate £10 carriage on all orders to UK mainland destinations. All prices subject to VAT at 20% for UK orders. Please contact us for other destinations. All prices correct at 01/10/2018.


Ideal for retail and business use: shelf edge labeling, price cards, stock price inserts. This product is very popular with pharmacy POS systems, fuel and retail forecourts.