Custom perforation paper

We have been supplying paper with custom perforations since 2007. Customers range from national high street retailers, local authorities, science research institutions, schools, colleges and universities, and of course a wide range of manufacturing and service industries.

What kind of perforated paper do you need?

Most people are looking for A4 size, since all standard office printers can print to this size. However, we can offer any paper size you like, A6, A5, A2, letter or your own specific measurement.

Standard office paper is 80gsm. Letterhead weight is around 100-120gsm. Business cards weight is around 200 - 240gsm. Most laser and inkjet printers will print to at least 160gsm paper, but some laser printers may not properly handle heavier paper. It may be useful to check with your printer manual or online. We offer laser guaranteed paper up to 160gsm. All of our stock paper is uncoated, this means it's thicker than the equivilent coated paper (such as gloss or matt finish)

For best results, when printing to heavier paper or card, use the print settings window to tell the printer (especially laser printers) you are using heavier paper, it then uses the correct heat and speed settings to give the best print quality with minimal chance of jams casued by paper feeding too fast through the printer or at too high a temperature.

What perforation do you want?

The easiest way to do this is to quickly sketch out how your finished sheet will look. Count how many horizontal or vertical perforations you need. If you are starting from the basis of a finished size, bear in mind that A4 paper is 297mm tall x 210mm wide.

We can of course produce any number of perforations per sheet, these are priced on a case by case basis. If you need multiple perforations, larger quantities or different paper types, contact me.

Not sure what you need - call us, we are happy to advise you on what your best option is - even if it's to go for an of the shelf option from someone else!

As with any manufacturing process, the smallest quantity is always the most expensive, since this contains all the cutting plates, machine setup and calibration, plus of course the time and materials to produce the finished product. Larger quantities see this unit cost reducing rapidly. As a rough guide there is virtuly no difference in price between 500 and 1000 sheets. 3000 sheets will see a large reduction in price, 10,000 sheets even more so.

We will always send you a sketch to confirm your specifications before putting your order into production. Yes, we can speak inches!

Custom production can take up to 12 working days from order to dispatch, but we try and give you an estimated dispatch date once your job is booked into the production schedule.

Free delivery on custom perforated paper for UK mainland delivery. Please contact us for other destinations.

All prices subject to prevailing rate of VAT, currently 20%. All prices current at 23/03/2023