Shelf edge perforated tickets 21 per page

21 SELs on A4 140g sheet 21 shelf cards per sheet. 120g A4 Yellow 21 SELs of 58x38mm on A4 120g

Great for retail shelf labeling, price cards and printing your product and shelf edge tickets from EPOS systems.

This non-adhesive blank card is easily inserted into plastic and channeled shelf edge holders. No more sticky mess on your shelving and display areas. Quality 120g and 140g sheets. These blank SEL cards are ideal for laser and inkjet printing.

If your EPOS software has the facility to edit shelfedge layouts or templates, you can add colour to your offers, ranges and promotions; ticketing doesn't need to be black text on white!

This perforated SEL fits the most common shelf edge channel systems, as 38mm is just about a perfect 1.5 inches.

Due to increased demand, our 21 label yellow version is now back as a standard stock item.

Micro-Perforated blank white sheets for shelf edge ticketing
21 tickets / SELs per page, micro-perforated, A4 140g sheets. 
Per Box
29082-140. 250 sheets. A4 140g micro-perf 21 tickets per page. A4 140g 5250 blank tickets per box. 36.00 36.00 Add to basket
29082-140. 1250 sheets / 5 boxes. micro-perf 21 tickets per page. 26,250 blank tickets. 34.00 170.00 Add to basket
29082-140. 2500 sheets / 10 boxes. Micro-perf 21 tickets per page. A4 140g 52,500 blank tickets. 32.00 320.00 Add to basket
Micro-Perforated yellow sheets for shelf edge ticketing.
21 yellow tickets per sheet. Micro-perforated. 120gsm A4 paper. 
Per Box
29082Y. 250 sheet pack. micro-perf 21 yellow tickets per page. 250 sheets, 5250 blank tickets per pack. 42.00 42.00 Add to basket
29082Y. 5 x 250 sheet pack. micro-perf 21 yellow tickets per page. 1250 sheets, 26,250 blank tickets per pack. 40.00 200.00 Add to basket
29082Y. 10 x 250 sheet pack. micro-perf 21 yellow tickets per page. 2500 sheets, 52,500 blank tickets per pack. 38.00 380.00 Add to basket
Micro-Perforated non-sticky labels for shelf edge ticketing
21 SELs 58mm x 38mm, micro-perf. A4 120g sheets.
Per Box
29083. 250 sheets. 21 tickets per page. 58 x 38mm. A4 120g . 5250 blank tickets per box. 32.00 32.00 Add to basket
29083. 1250 sheets / 5 boxes. 21 tickets per page. 58 x 38mm. A4 120g . 26,250 blank tickets. 30.00 150.00 Add to basket
29083. 2500 sheets / 10 boxes. 21 tickets per page. 58 x 38mm. A4 120g . 52,500 blank tickets. 28.00 280.00 Add to basket

Technical specs for A4 perforated paper for shelf edge

  • Paper: A4 (297 mm x 210 mm). Choice of blank white or yellow 120g A4 sheets, with new 140g option in white. All options suitable for laser and inkjet printers.
  • Micro-perforation for clean edge separation, these sheets remain strong during print and handling operations, but tear cleanly and seperate easily when staff are re-pricing stock.
  • Blank labels: 21 tickets per sheet, each 70mm wide x 38mm high. 3 tickets across x 7 down, 3 x 7 layout. There is a 15.5mm margin top and bottom of each A4 sheet. Available in 250 sheet packs.
  • Equal sheet margins means our labels can be loaded in any direction to your printer; saving staff time and reducing paper waste.


Ideal for retail use: shelf edge labeling (SELs), product inserts, price cards, name badge inserts. Our micro-perforation allows for easy and clean separation of the labels. Our 120g and 140g sheets are much more substantial than standard 80gsm paper, and easier to insert into holders and shelf edge systems. Quick to use, but not so bulky as to cause printer feed problems.

Flat rate £10 carriage on all orders to UK mainland destinations. All prices subject to VAT at 20% for UK orders. Please contact us for other destinations. All prices correct at 17/04/2024.